Cat Fun

January 28, 2013

My Sweet Lilikat

I wanted to share a couple of pics of my sweet Lilikat. Lili is about 11 years old now, but still seems like my baby kitten. I adopted her when I found out how she got to the city where I used to have to go to Meetings. When I heard she rode under the hood of this ladies car for 32 miles...I just wanted to cry...she was only eight weeks old. We don't know how or why she was there, but she has been with me since. She's my sweet baby. I just love her so much. She stays upstairs where my Craftroom is and another bedroom and bathrooms are. She doesn't like the other cats, except for Gus, but everybody loves Gussy, ole blue She does swat him and lets him know whose
Lili looks so sweet when she sleeps...she's not rotten at all.............ummmhmmmm!

Take care!

Lilikat sleeps so sweet

Gus has strange sleeping habits

Gussy in a Santa suit last year 2011. I love these pics of him
I posted one of them last I was looking for a good pic
of his blue eyes when I came across this and couldn't help myself....
He hated it and tried to get out of backing up........

This is just some of the crazy things my Cats do. Cat owners know what I mean.

Recently while making Cricut covers two of my cats decided to visit me. Of course they had to see what I was doing. Here are some pics of them.

Gus                                                                                                                  Max
looking at one of the Covers                                                        posing for the camera.

grabbing the camera                                                       showing off
                                                                               beautiful eyes                                       

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by to see my Fur babies. I will be posting pics here often, just for fun.